Buffy Sainte-Marie - Illuminations (Yellow Vinyl) (Rsd 2019)

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50th anniversary release of this seminal electronic album, featuring the psychedelic classic "God is Alive, Magic is Afoot."  Cut from the analog master, pressed on 180-gram opaque yellow vinyl at QRP and housed in a tip-on jacket.

Side A: 1. “God Is Alive, Magic Is Afoot” 2. “Mary” 3. “Better to Find Out For Yourself” 4. “The Vampire” 5. “Adam” 6. “The Dream Tree”
Side B: 1. “Suffer the Little Children” 2. “The Angel” 3. “With You, Honey” 4. “Guess Who I Saw in Paris” 5. “He's A Keeper of the Fire” 6. “Poppies”

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