Sim Samuel; Daniel Pemberton - Dark Crystal: Age Of Resistance - The Crystal Chamber (Picture Disc)

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A truly special picture disc featuring imagery unavailable elsewhere. *NOTE- The music on the two RSD Dark Crystal picture discs are completely different. See tracklisting.* The floor of the Dark Crystal's chamber is a circle of 18 arcane symbols, one for each of the urSkeks that came to Thra during the first Great Conjunction.

The 10-episode prequel to the groundbreaking 1982 fan favorite The Dark Crystal, stars Taron Egerton, Star Wars’ Mark Hamill, Harry Potter’s Helena Bonham-Carter, Tomb Raider star Alicia Vikander and Outlander’s Caitriona Balfe. Composer Daniel Pemberton reveals: “I wanted the music to be as magical as Thra itself – organic, imperfect, strange, mystical, otherworldly and wonderful. I wanted to create new sounds that felt like they came from the world itself, as well as using thematic large scale orchestral elements to bring an emotion to the journey of the characters."

Side One:
1. The Dark Crystal: Age Of Resistance – Daniel Pemberton (3:42)
2. Another World, Another Time – Daniel Pemberton (3:26)
3. Story Of The Dark Crystal – Daniel Pemberton (3:11)
4. Rian + Mira Dreamfast – Daniel Pemberton (4:14)
5. Aughra Awakes – Daniel Pemberton (2:03)**
6. The Crystal Chamber – Daniel Pemberton (3:15)
7. Essence Draining – Daniel Pemberton (2:46)**

Side Two:
1. What Lies At The Dream’s End – Daniel Pemberton (3:18)
2. Together We Fight – Daniel Pemberton (4:48)
3. The Blue Flames Part 1 – Daniel Pemberton (3:51)
4. Deet In The Woods – Samuel Sim (2:10)
5. Speak For The Dead – Daniel Pemberton (2:44)
6. Brea And The Library – Samuel Sim (1:32)
7. Her Light Faded – Daniel Pemberton (2:37)

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