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Preorder the indie-exclusive Peak Vinyl edition on white vinyl w/bonus 12"! 

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Dawn Richard's Second Line: An Electro Revival arrives worldwide April 30, 2021, on Merge Records.

Much like the New Orleans–born artist who created it, Second Line is an unapologetic genre bender that pushes boundaries, expands possibilities, and shatters expectations. It’s more than just an album: Second Line is a cohesive sensory experience that questions traditional ideas of sound, production, and visual aesthetics as they relate to music. Its interlocking parts tell an epic story about the quest for artistic expression, with Dawn describing her project as “a movement to bring pioneering Black women in electronic music to the forefront.”
Dawn Richard (or DAWN, as she sometimes goes by) has been a lauded recording artist since she was 16, first gaining traction as a part of P. Diddy's Bad Boy Records roster in the group Danity Kane. In her time with the chart-topping group, she worked with names as large as Missy ElliottTimbaland Rick Ross. In 2011, she began paving her solo career with a new, individual style that blurred the lines of her R&B past, mixing elements of electronic music, Afrofuturist aesthetic, New Orleans bounce culture & avant-pop impulses & collaborating with names as wide as Dirty ProjectorsFrank OceanZendaya & Machinemusic.
On top of being a cutting edge artist, Richard also brings her other talents as a dancer & animator (who has worked with Adult Swim on a number of occasions) to create an entire world of Second Line. You can see it in the teaser trailer and on the first video, Bussifame.


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